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Professional services

Professional services

Business Programme Management Ltd empowers aid projects & commercial organisations to employ modern, methodical, pragmatic & delivery-focussed approaches for programme & project management:
  1. Programme & project management

  2. Contract management & negotiations

  3. Information system strategies

  4. Feasibility & research studies

  5. Specification & selection of systems

  6. Business analysis & operation reviews

  7. Recruitment & development of staff

  8. Development of systems & models

  9. Internet, internet & communications

  10. Training & consultancy


Programme offices & project support offices

Introducing & facilitating business-lead change programmes supported by programme & project support offices.

System selection, development & implementation

Managing the acquisition, development & implementation of a broad range of computer applications & business processes.

Investigating & resolving organisational & technical issues.

Development of project management software

Designing & developing procedures & web-based software tools to administer, analyse & disseminate project-related information.

Strategic planning & programme management

Consulting the management of organisations in the definition & prioritisation of business programmes, the determination of available resources & in the development & maintenance of strategic plans.

Online facilities for projects

Modern collaboration tools help project teams present, promote & operate projects more effectively. Web-based planning tools enable business management to combine the financial & progress reports of multiple projects & to model alternative business scenarios.

Business Programme Management Ltd

We provide proven & ready-to-run project facilities hosted on our servers:

  1. MS Project Server: If MS Project is used for planning, the web-based Project Server will help with collaboration on planning & to compile & communicate progress reports.

  2. Discussion Forums: A collection of discussion forums can be provided to allow the recording & exchange of knowledge, ideas, issues etc.

  3. Project Web Sites: We also host project web sites & provide email services, etc.


Project management & the PRINCE2 methodology

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured method for effective project management. It is a de-facto standard used extensively by the UK Government & in the private sector both in the UK & internationally.

PRINCE2 - An OverviewThe key features of PRINCE2 are:

  1. Its focus on business justification

  2. A defined organisation structure for the project management team

  3. Its product-based planning approach

  4. Its emphasis on dividing the project into manageable & controllable stages

  5. Its flexibility to be applied at a level appropriate to the project

More about PRINCE2

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