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 AidProject FMS

Implementation & Support 

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Implemented quickly

AidProject FMS is designed to be implemented quickly. You can start using AidProject FMS just weeks after placing your order.

AidProject FMS comes pre-configured with appropriate reports & standard accounting codes. You then work in partnership with our consultant to finalise the configuration for your project.

Implementation is structured into small achievable steps to provide tangible benefits quickly & easily. For example, staff should start entering transactions immediately after training.

All of our consultants have relevant project management, accounting or technical experience. They have earned professional qualifications or accreditations, for example, PRINCE2, Certified Accountancy (ACCA) & Fellowship of the Institution of Analysts & Programmers (FIAP).

We work as partners with our clients to plan & execute the implementation effectively. Thereafter, we remain available to provide ad-hoc advice & support on demand & as required.


Implementation stages

Stage 1: Preparation Stage (1 to 2 week preparing for Stage 2)
  1. BPM Ltd identifies the information & site preparation work required & provides support remotely

  2. Client compiles & delivers the requested information to BPM Ltd by email for consideration & initial design

  3. Client prepares the site as requested. This might include preparing computers, & ensuring appropriate working conditions for Stage 2 (quiet, cool, uninterrupted & with reliable power)

Stage 2: Configuration & Training Stage (2 weeks resulting in live operation)

  1. In the first 2 days, BPM Ltd meets the team, discusses the approach, reviews the site & technology, & installs AidProject FMS

  2. During the remainder of week 1, BPM Ltd works with senior staff to configure the codes & software to meet client requirements

  3. Week 2 is dedicated to training & supervision of accounting staff, procurement officers & management. A test database enables familiarisation & experimentation, & real cheques, purchase orders, requisitions, etc. are used so that staff can continue thereafter with the entry of transactions & other key tasks

Stage 3: Post-Installation Stage (2 to 8 weeks resulting in the use of all facilities)

  1. After live operation commences, certain discrete tasks are carried out by the client to complete the implementation. For example, entry of Government Codes enables Government Reporting, entry of brought-forward balances enables historic reporting, entry of estimates enables forecasts, entry of budgets enables comparisons & entry with reconciliation of Assets enables Asset Management


Supported reliably

AidProject FMS is designed to be employed in remote locations wherever a power supply & telephone can be made available.

Further, AidProject FMS can be maintained by staff with limited technical expertise because:

  1. it employs standard office PCs - there is no server or special operating system to maintain

  2. database maintenance is automatic

  3. backups are automatic & can be deposited with us for periodic review & safe keeping (our DataSafe Service)

After training, users have several ways to help themselves & to obtain our assistance, including:

  1. Knowledge Base: a web-based search facility (local) provides textual information & pictures that explain relevant business processes in a step-by-step manner

  2. Support Forum: a web-based discussion forum (online) facilitates discussion & sharing of information between users of AidProject FMS

  3. Help Centre: our consultants respond quickly to questions raised by E-Mail & telephone

  4. Remote Control Software: using the Internet, our consultants can remotely control client computers thereby reducing the time & cost involved in a site visit

  5. Site Visits: on-site support & hands-on assistance is provided on request & whenever this approach is more appropriate than other means



Used readily

AidProject FMS is regarded as intuitive. It is designed to be used readily by project management, procurement officers, accounting staff, Donors & Government.

It has a wealth of features, all of which are relevant & designed to meet directly the specific requirements of Donor-funded aid projects.

Further, AidProject FMS has a familiar look & feel. Based on Microsoft’s office software, user are often familiar with the standard approach to finding, sorting, filtering, presenting & otherwise manipulating information.


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