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 AidProject FMS

Web-based reporting 

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Information for everyone

AidProject-FMS for Donor-funded aid projects  Dynamic Reports, Searches & Pivots are available for:
  1. Project Management & Procurement

  2. Financial Management

  3. Donors

  4. Government

  5. Users


Benefits of Web-based reporting

No need for printouts & spreadsheets. Web-based reporting is:
  1. Available without effort & on-demand

  2. Up-to-the-minute

  3. Easier to understand & to use

  4. Better presented

  5. Dynamic, just click for related or detailed information

  6. Flexible, analyse & filter information as required

  7. Distributed more effectively to appropriate recipients


Dynamic Reports

Like traditional reports, various values are displayed alongside each account. For example, actual, forecast & budgeted expenditure may be shown with a variance value & percentage alongside each project component or activity.

But unlike traditional reports, you can click on reports to obtain more detail. For example, you can click on a project component for a breakdown of expenses. You can even see the individual contracts & their transactions.

Further, search facilities enable you to pinpoint contracts & transactions to help you with procurement & supplier management.

See the reports menu to see examples & run reports online.

Example Dynamic Report

Example Dynamic Report

Pivot Charts & Pivot Tables

This modern industry-standard facility enable you to model & present information with a few mouse clicks to meet specific requirements. You can choose the information to include in a table & how to present that information as a chart. Pivots Charts & Pivot Tables enable you to:
  1. drag-&-drop, sort, group, total & format information

  2. filter the information you wish to include & exclude

  3. drill down dynamically to examine underlying detail

  4. select & customise a wide range of chart formats

See the reports menu to see examples.

Example Pivot Chart & Pivot Table

Example Pivot Chart

Reporting codes & their relationships

Project Code (a major project component)
Product Code (a sub component or activity)
Account Description (e.g. Equipment)
Account Code (e.g. Equipment local IFAD funded)
Donor Description (from the loan agreement)
Government Description (for reporting to Government)
Posting Account (e.g. Equipment local IFAD for an activity)
Period (e.g. June 2004)
Transaction (e.g. cheque, invoice, requisition, etc.)
Posting (the individual transaction posting)
Contract (procurement details for a group of transactions)
By smart design, only the Posting Account is used for Transaction entry & maintenance.

Code relationships


This graphic indicates the current level (marked with a red border) & its relationships to other levels.

Custom reports, forms & web pages

AidProject FMS is constructed using modern industry-standard development technologies employed in a natural manner for ease of use, support & enhancement.

AidProject FMS meets normal project requirements. Indeed, we prefer that emerging requirements are built into the standard system itself to reduce on-going maintenance. However, some clients require a report, form or web page in their own specific format.

AidProject FMS Designer enables users with limited experience of Microsoft Access to enhance AidProject FMS. It provides peace of mind that unique requirements should be satisfied readily.


AidProject FMS Designer enables the development of unique reporting & functional solutions.

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