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Operating & application infrastructure 

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Project & activity codes, accounting codes, Donor loan categories & Government codes that interconnect discretely for reporting & analysis.

All posting accounts are related discretely to:

  1. a hierarchy of project & activity (deliverable) codes

  2. a hierarchy of accounting codes

  3. a Donor loan category

  4. a Government code

This keeps the entry of transactions straightforward whilst facilitating comprehensive reporting & enabling flexible analysis of financial balances using pivot tables & pivot charts.



Cash, accruals, commitments & estimate-to-complete transactions for reporting on a selective basis.

Four bases of reporting are required to satisfy project requirements:
  1. Donor & Government reports are based on cash movements

  2. Statutory accounts include accruals, etc.

  3. Commitment details enable cash flow forecasting

  4. Estimates-to-complete allow project management to review forecasts against the plan

Whilst additional transactions types can be added, the standard types already include:
  1. Cash: bank transactions & journals

  2. Accruals: accruals, prepayments & unpaid invoices

  3. Commitments: requisitions, purchase orders & delivery notes

  4. Estimate-to-complete: estimates not yet entered as one of the transaction types above



Three-way currency accounting at transaction & at balance level for reporting & reclaim preparation.

All transactions & balances are maintained in three alternative currencies. This is necessary to simplify the preparation of Donor reclaims.

This also means that project management, statutory & Government reporting can be in local currency (e.g. Dalasis) whilst Donor reporting can be in both US Dollars & UAs.

Notably, user-defined reports can use any or all of the available currencies.



Project, annual, quarterly & period (monthly) based reports.

Alternative periods satisfy the differing requirements of Project Management, Accountants, Donors & Government.

Reports can include values for:
  1. the project to date (including forecasts)

  2. the year to date

  3. last year to date

  4. this period

  5. this quarter



Multiple budgets & combined budgets for performance comparison on project management, Donor & Government reports.

Budget values are recorded for comparison against actual performance. For example, reports can compare actuals against:
  1. the annual budget

  2. last year's actuals

  3. the original loan agreement

  4. the original project plan

  5. project plan revisions

Multiple budgets can be maintained enabling Donor, Project & Government reporting.

Multiple budget revisions can be stored & all budgets are multi-currency.

Facilities are also provided to enable the preparation of a combined project & accounting budget. A Project Manager & Financial Controller might collaborate by manipulating the same budget values in different ways (e.g. by project code & by accounting code).


Modern industry-standard technologies for performance, reliability & ease of maintenance.

  1. Microsoft SQL Server database management system (DBMS) - provides speed, reliability, low network bandwidth (thin client-server), low maintenance & ability to handle very large volumes

  2. Microsoft Internet Information Services web server - provides wide audience with ready access to information using dynamic reports & searches

  3. Microsoft Excel Pivot Charts & Pivot Tables - provide industry-standard tools for analysis of information

  4. Microsoft Access forms - provide modern & familiar approach for data entry & information management

  5. Microsoft Access queries, forms, reports & pages provide familiar approach for customisation

  6. Macromedia Dreamweaver web pages - provide easy-to-use dynamic web-based reports & enquiries


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