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AidProject FMS for Donor-funded aid projects

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Requirements Checklist

AidProject-FMS for Donor-funded aid projectsDo you need manual books & spreadsheets or perhaps a standard package accounting system...

...or maybe your project warrants a project-oriented financial management & procurement system that includes purpose-built features.

Take a minute to consider if package accounting systems:

  1. Report separately by Project Component & Activity, by Government Code & by Loan Category - not just by Accounting Code

  2. Include future commitments & project estimates not just historic costs

  3. Handle multiple currencies simply (e.g. local, Donor & UAs) at both transaction & balance level

  4. Produce reimbursement claims quickly in a controlled & straightforward manner

  5. Assist Procurement Officers to manage Contracts & to report using Donor-specified codes

  6. Facilitate the management of Suppliers, Fixed Assets, Stocks & Work-in-progress

  7. Provide web-based reports that you click to determine the underlying detail & include dynamic & graphical analysis tools

  8. Enable all staff to find transactions & contract information instantly using quick & easy web searches

  9. Include customisation tools to create special reports, screens & web pages


Benefits of AidProject FMS

"...reduce overall project timescales & costs..."

"...spend more time on the project & less on administration..."

"...administer procurement & contracts methodically..."

"...satisfy the reporting requirements of Donors & Government..."

"...share relevant information & work together as a team..."

"...provide well-presented information to third parties on demand..."

" more spreadsheets & waiting for monthly reports..."

"...manage & account for valuable assets including vehicles, buildings, work-in-progress & stocks..."

"...have confidence & peace of mind..."

"...implemented by professionals & used quickly..."

"...modern, comprehensive & fun to use..."



Reports & Features

AidProject-FMS for Donor-funded aid projectsAidProject FMS is a quality financial management & procurement system designed specifically to empower the management of Donor-funded aid projects.

AidProject FMS delivers the project information & functionality that you require:

  1. Web-based reports, searches & Pivots for:

    • Project Management

    • Procurement Officers

    • Financial Management

    • Donors

    • Government more

  2. Contracts & supplier management more

  3. Transactions & cash management more

  4. Reimbursement claims more

  5. Budget management more

  6. Control of assets, stocks & work-in-progress more

  7. User & system management more

  8. Operating & application infrastructure more


Implementation & Support

AidProject FMS is designed to be:
  1. implemented quickly working in partnership with professional consultants with relevant experience

  2. used readily by project management, procurement officers, accounting staff, Donors & Government

  3. supported reliably even in remote locations & maintained by staff with limited technical expertise

View some example client assignments.

Implementation & support

Software & Service Costs

Standard package
accounting system
Low cost
Relevant features:


Ease of imp & use:


fin mgmt system
High cost
Relevant features:   High
Ease of imp & use:   Low    
AidProject FMS Low cost
Relevant features:   High
Ease of imp & use:   High
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