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Software & Service Costs

Like most standard package accounting systems: the costs of using AidProject FMS comprise:

Software Licence Fee

A one-off fee that entitles full use of AidProject FMS. There are no additional fees for optional modules. The fee is based on the number of users & remains valid in conjunction with the Software Maintenance & Support agreement below.

Implementation & Consultancy Services

A daily fee for the provision of training, hands-on assistance & professional advice. AidProject FMS can be implemented by your team & one senior consultant in just 3 weeks plus limited ad-hoc assistance during the following few weeks.

Software Maintenance & Support

An annual fee that provides access to various support facilities & software updates. It is based on the number of users & is a prerequisite of the Software Licence.

Unlike other systems: AidProject FMS delivers the features required & is easier to implement & use:

Standard package
accounting system
Low Cost
Relevant features:


Ease of imp & use:


fin mgmt system
High Cost
Relevant features:   High
Ease of imp & use:   Low    
AidProject FMS Low Cost
Relevant features:   High
Ease of imp & use:   High

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