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Agricultural Services Project
Donors & Government Ministry - West Africa

Recommendations to improve management information & to control capital & operating expenditure on Government & World Bank funded aid projects. This included a review of the limited computer products & expertise available locally followed by management of the development & implementation of information systems & procedures.

Small Scale Water Control Project
Donors & Government Ministry - West Africa

Development & implementation of financial accounting systems & procedures. Support of project management & administrators, & representing the project with Donor, accountants & other parties.

Gambia Ports Authority
Ports Authority - West Africa

Review of a part-completed implementation & the client's management information requirements followed by recommendations regarding organisation & management, reporting timetables & project management.

York International
Manufacturer - US

Setting up & managing Programme Offices in the US & Europe to support the business leadership team through a period of accelerated change. Implementing PRINCE2, PMI, other professional techniques & programme management software. Building teams & providing services including ad-hoc business consulting, strategic planning, programme & platform management, acquisitions, contracts & project administration.

WorldCom International
Telecommunications Company - Europe

Managing a portfolio of projects relating to the implementation of the Lawson Financial System in Europe & the Asia/Pacific. This included providing advice regarding the adoption of a formal project management methodology (PRINCE2) & setting up a Project Support Office & appropriate mechanisms to improve project administration.

TV & Radio Broadcaster

Assisting in the re-configuration of network accounting systems for more than 40 Business Units. This was necessitated by a corporate restructure & included managing the merger of the Outside Broadcasts & Television Film Services units.

British Telecom Overseas Division
Telecommunications Company

Project managing the implementation of financial systems & the development of complementary applications to provide improved management information, cost apportionment & other specialised processing.

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
TV & Radio Broadcaster - Cyprus

Review of operations & formulation of a ten year IT strategy encompassing production, administration & finance.

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club
Golf Club & Marina - Dubai

Managing the development & implementation of computer systems & business processes. These encompassed food & beverage point of sale, stock control & costing, shop point of sale, membership records, facility booking, accounting & payroll.

Jacquard Systems
US Computer Manufacturer

Advice concerning the redesign of a US financial system for use in the UK & Europe.

Cabinet Office & Chessington CC
Government Dept & Agency

Reviewing & documenting, for potential purchasers of Chessington Computer Centre, systems in use & under development. This included a review of all Mainframe systems & evaluating the effectiveness of the project management methodology (PRINCE) employed on major redevelopment projects.

Dept of Trade & Industry
Government Department

Assistance in preparing a successful in-house bid for Market Testing of payroll & related administration services. This included a review of the likely competition & recommending cost saving measures.

HM Customs & Excise
Government Department

Advising senior management during the initiation of a large acquisition & implementation project. Particular assistance with planning & the implementation of control mechanisms, the creation of a project support office & the application of PRINCE.

NHS Management Executive
Government Department

Testing of a comprehensive model developed using Excel to predict & monitor future health care demands & availability based on existing data, expert assumptions & employing various scenarios.

The Audit Commission
Government Department

Review of a model developed to compare staff requirements & costs against client demand & fees.

The Crown Agents
International Government Agency

Management of the client's development staff & liaison with their supplier in the development of comprehensive financial & payroll software.

Midland Bank, Calidus, Allen, etc.
Software Distributors

Co-ordinating the creation of sales, installation, & support functions to assist several new distributors of DG & DEC based financial software.

Teesside Power (financing banks)
Electricity Generator

Review of a large & technical computer model developed to predict & monitor for the financing banks the performance of a new generating plant.

Barclays Bank
High Street Bank

Recommending methods by which the bank & two corporate partners could initiate & manage a new payroll service for small businesses.

Barclays Bank
High Street Bank

Design & development of marketing, costing, contact & diary databases to maintain high service levels & strategic targets.

Pannell Kerr Forster
International Accountancy Practice

Evaluation of existing information retrieval methods & future business objectives followed by formulation of an IT strategy encompassing document image processing, electronic indexation & office automation facilities.

Pannell Kerr Forster Associates
Hotel Management Consultancy

Design & development of a financial model to assist in feasibility studies for acquiring & developing hotels by forecasting financial performance based on a wide variety of fixed inputs & sensitivities.

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