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Business Programme Management Ltd

Project management services and consulting

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Business Programme Management Ltd

Business Programme Management Ltd

An international practice of management consultants specialising in project management & information technology.

Providing consulting, software & other professional services to aid projects & commercial organisations in Africa, America, Europe & the Middle East.
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Project management software

AidProject for Donor-funded aid projects

AidProject-FMS for Donor-funded aid projectsAidProject M+E - Monitoring & Evaluation (free)

AidProject-FMS for Donor-funded aid projectsAidProject FMS - Financial Mgmt & Procurement

Programme Management Database

Enables management to model the organisation, prioritise its requirements & resources, & define change programmes.

During implementation it provides visibility using web-based reports & MS Project to encourage team collaboration.



Contact information

Business Programme Management Ltd is based in London, England with business associates covering your region.
Contact information

AidProject for finance & procurement

"...reduce overall project timescales & costs..."

"...spend more time on the project & less on administration..."

"...administer procurement & contracts methodically..."

"...satisfy the reporting requirements of Donors & Government..."

"...share relevant information & work together as a team..."

"...provide well-presented information to third parties on demand..."

" more spreadsheets & waiting for monthly reports..."

"...manage & account for valuable assets including vehicles, buildings, work-in-progress & stocks..."

"...have confidence & peace of mind..."

"...implemented by professionals & used quickly..."

"...modern, comprehensive & fun to use..."

AidProject FMS


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